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The Emperors, WY
David Pirrie


Always dispute…

Pardon me while I fangirl over here

Anatolio Scifoni - The Artist’s Studio on Flickr.
Anatolio Scifoni (Florence, May 2, 1841 - Rome, 1884) was an Italian genre painter.  [Sold for £15,600 at Sotheby’s, London - Oil on canvas laid on board, 69 x 101.5 cm[

Wading by Luke Mancini:
"Inspired by egrets in the creek between my place and work, a non-avian cousin enjoys foraging in a somewhat more natural environment. I had the tail in a more traditionally ‘dinosaur’y curve for most of the process but actually quite like the straight (more accurate) version in the end."

Psycho mantis...?

Jonathan Smith
Trees in Fog, California 

I’m really late to the game, but I finally watched Breaking Bad — binged on all 5 seasons in a few weeks. I finally understand why everyone loves it! What an amazing show. I loved how complex the relationship between Walt and Jesse was, so thought I’d do a little fanart to cope with having no more episodes to watch!